Here at Playwam, we strive to build partnerships with parents/carers as we strongly believe this fosters a positive learning environment in which children can succeed and achieve their best. Our aim is to provide a happy and secure environment in which children will learn and develop through playing with other children and learning with adults.

Play is a most important part of the pre-school education, as it is through play that children learn to mix socially, to communicate and share with others.

Each day there are a wide variety of activities, which the children can choose from. These activities are carefully planned with specific aims in mind to help each child’s development. Most activities demand cooperation and some physical coordination. Others encourage intellectual development, language, observation and investigation, early reading and early number skills.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to 5 years of age (December 2008).

The children are encouraged to ask questions, to talk and to think about what they are doing. Stories, rhymes and song are an important part of the session and help to enrich vocabulary and encourage language development.

Through our focus on celebrations around the world, through the year, we encourage respect, tolerance and understanding of other faiths and cultures.

At Playwam we aim to recognise every child as an individual, with different physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs. We aim to help each child develop to his / her full potential. Boys and girls are positively encouraged to participate equally in all activities.